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About us

Sheikh Abdullah Bakhsh Pediatric Cardiac Center of Excellence “PCCE” is a standalone and nonprofit center, founded in 2014 under King Abdulaziz University in Jeddah, to offer the most comprehensive pediatrics cardiac care in Western Region of Saudi Arabia, supported by Abdullah Bakhsh Children Heart Center. 
It is a regional benchmark of excellence in the care of children with heart disease, where our open heart surgery offers them

A chance to live!

The center focuses on making a lifetime commitment to the care of every child from premature infants to young adults. PCCE is served by highly skillful, excellent team of expertly trained physicians, who are entrusted with the care of a child.


* Dedicate an Intensive Care Units (ICU) of 16 beds equipped with the highest technology. 

* Dedicate a separate and world-class surgery room. 
* Increasing the capacity to 80-120 open-heart surgery annually with the best control and quality standards. 
* Receive 2,000 outpatient visits.


“Serve the community with superior comprehensive pediatric cardiology care and state-of-the-art technology”.


*Holistic Caring: Providing exceptional service to the whole person.

*Excellence: Continually improving our outcomes and efficiency.

*Advocacy: Promoting our patient’s interests throughout the continuum of need.

*Respect: Acknowledging the needs of others and valuing our difference.

*Teamwork: Working together to realize our vision and mission.


*Service of the Need: Generosity of spirit, especially for persons most in need.

*Reverence: Respect and compassion for the dignity and diversity of need.

*Integrity: Inspiring trust through personal leadership.

*Wisdom: Integrating excellence and stewardship.

*Creativity: Courageous Innovation.

*Dedication: Affirming the hope and joy of our community.



    Living our values and culture, PCCE will be:

    *The center of choice for children with heart disease.

    *The employer of choice for healthcare professionals.

    *The reference of choice for pediatric cardiology researchers.


    “Provide medical care for all children with heart disease.”


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