You are reading about one of the most important charity centers in the medical field. PCCE was established with humanitarian responsibility sense of a group of consultants caring about children with heart diseases. That group found that there is an urgent and essential need for this center. The center was established within King Abdulaziz university hospital on area of 750 m2, making it eligible for the services of eight rooms and 16 intensive care beds. The center has the most important and the latest equipment which are not available in most centers such as ECMO devices. ECMO functions the heart and lungs, even in the event of cardiac arrest or critical level of low blood pressure, ECMO helps the patient after Allahs will to stay alive until an appropriate medical intervention, whether to make catheter or surgery. The potentials of the center are enough to treat a number 7 to 10 cases per week. Therefore, PCCE is a good competitor for the best rate globally specialized centers in caring of hearts of children.